Our Terms and Conditions


This is a requirement of you every day!

You must tell your schnauzer or schnauzers that you LOVE them and thank God for them and give them a treat every morning🐾🐾💖💗💕

And of course lots big Huggs and kisses💋💋

Deposit must be paid by Invoice

This deposit is an agreement to our Terms and Conditions. 

This paid deposit is a binding promise for Schnauzerland to hold your chosen puppy till it’s ready to leave and be welcomed into your life.  

 This deposit is non refundable and is a binding contract for chosen puppy to be paid for on or before planned pick up day. 

If for some reason you cannot get your puppy, 

it is solely up to Schnauzerland to honor this deposit on a future puppy or consider it a forfeited deposit. 

It is solely up to Schnauzerland to decide if any or all monies paid be refunded fully or in part. 

This deposit is non-refundable and 

includes processing fees and TN sales tax. 

Our Puppy Warranty

All our puppies have a 2 year health guarantee for any life threatening or debilitating illness. 

Viruses and communicable diseases are not covered.

I do not require an immediate vet visit for my health warranty to be valid. 

I prefer my babies to NOT go to the vet until time for their next vaccinations. (Sick dogs are there plus every one in waiting room will want to pet your baby) I also require that you get your puppy’s rabies vaccination At A LATER date and NEVER with any other vaccinations. 

Not doing this could void our warranty. 

ALSO PLEASE do not take your puppy to any Pet Store, especially PetSmart, where 100’s of people that have already touched many other dogs and puppies will want to touch and pet your puppy. (Who wouldn’t want to meet your baby). 

I prefer you go shopping with your puppy at Ross, TJMaxx and Tuesday Morning where they have many awesome pet products and there usually are not any dogs shopping there. Chewy.com has my preferred food and puppy biscuits which are delivered to your door. Many Tractor Supplys have the food but not my puppy biscuits. 

We we follow these same rules in not allowing any visitors here. Our puppies typically are spoken for well before their first vaccinations and we can’t allow any exposure to any viruses or communicable disease. These are still reasons to continue to protect your new baby. They are not fully protected until they are finished with all their vaccinations for their first year. 

You can socialize your puppy in many retail 

stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. That’s where I worked with my giants for pet therapy. 

After your puppy has finished all their vaccinations for the year, it’s much safer to take your puppy out shopping in pet stores. 

Going Home List

List for going to new home

Have a bottle or several of Smart Water. It has electrolytes in it and tastes like water. This will help adjust to new home. Then keep your puppy on distilled water if possible. Distilled water is condensed steam so no minerals and/or other elements are in distilled water. This could possibly be a precautionary step against bladder or kidney stones. 

Also, bring baby wipes and cotton towels. 

You will have enough food for several days. I have used just about every puppy food available, and for digestibility, I've not found a puppy food that compares to Sportmix Puppy. My puppies grow better on Sportmix Puppy than any other puppy food I've ever fed. This food is also fed to my females when they have puppies. It has helped with great milk production and rarely do they loose weight. It's economical to buy and it really is the best for utilization of food. I realize it has by product in it, but this is a small company that produces many lines of food and utilizes their ingredients. Earthborn is the top shelf food they manufacture. I bought the Earthborn puppy and it was too rich for the puppies.  In groups, puppies have to eat more and will out eat their siblings, so this food led to much more poo. Midwestern Pet Food Products has good family values and dogs come first. Earthborn Great Plains is my choice of all their foods. It is an all life stage food if you want to try it. You have enough food to acclimate your puppy to the food of your choice. 

You can purchase this food at Tractor Supply and choose ship to store if they don't stock it. Also Chewy.com carries it as well as the sportmix puppy biscuits. I also recommend animal cracker cookies and some cereals like Cheerios for treats for training. 

Your puppy will have been in a playpen at 4 weeks where I line the pan with pee pads that I also buy at tractor supply. The best they carry and they hold up amazing. They sell a 24"x24" plastic rabbit cage pan. A normal bath towel folded and laid in it, the pad sits perfect. I've spent over $100 on various pad holders and accidentally found this pan. Their 30" x 30" pan holds the extra large pad also. That's the one I found to use first because my giant started using my mini’s pad and pee ran down the hall. I didn't mind her knowing how to use one but I needed it contained and had the 30x30 on hand. 

Feeding your puppy and other suggestions

Your puppy will leave eating about 1/3 to 1/2 cup of Sportmix Puppy food in the am and pm. I put a small amount of hot water over this food to inhance the flavor and aroma.  Another advantage to this is it keeps the food from flying out of the bowl. A small food bowl is much better than a large bowl. A cat size bowl is a great start. I also feed and water on a plush rubber backed rug for stability of bowls and puppy. 

As your puppy grows you must increase your food accordingly.  A normal size schnauzer should never eat more than 2 cups a day. But it should be more in the 1 1/2 cup range. 


In looking for collars just buy the 5/8” adjustable toy size/extra small for the first one. 

I always make sure the webbing is soft and most minis never wear over a 14” collar. 

I feel the 1” adjustable collar is way to big because to fit your mini the webbing is just about doubled all the way around their neck. 

The 5/8” comes in appropriate sizes that are closer to fitting. 

Exercise pens are great to keep your puppy contained when you’re busy and there is room for toys and bed. One also is the perfect place to put your potty pan and pee pad and then you can praise and give treat. This is very handy in thunder storms and rain and snow. Most never like going out in the rain. 

If you have any questions I’ve not answered, please do not hesitate to ask.

Other Important Important Imformation

All our Schnauzers here at Schnauzerland have been selectively bred to be the best possible companion pet we can add to your family.

In our opinion, this means puppies that meet all these traits are “Pick Puppies”.  If a puppy is thought not to have the temperament that we strive for, you are advised of our opinion.

We feel all our babies are beautiful in their own way and we want them all to be the very puppy that will be exactly how we describe to join your family. 

We are here to help you with any questions that you may have and actually want to hear from you. We want to hear all the good and any problem that you may have no matter the age of you Schnauzerland friend. We love getting pictures and updates. The biggest thing here is adding our puppy makes you family. Discussing problems, sharing funny stories, bragging and complaining, sharing pictures, and most importantly, getting help and advice when you need it. We are here. 

We stopped furnishing any registration papers with our puppies. A registration paper in no way guarantees personality or appearance of your puppy. Our guarantee is that you get a puppy that grows up to be the furry friend you can’t imagine living without. 

If you feel you need Registration paperwork, I suggest you search Show kennels for your puppy. Most of them still do not furnish paperwork for breeding but that is a discussion to have with them. 

Our Puppies come with 30 years of continuing to ensure your puppy is a best friend. 

Our photo gallery is full of past puppies for you to get a good Idea of what your puppy will look like. They all look different. Our moms and dads all have all the colors and patterns and sizes in their genes. Breeding a pair is always a fun surprise and a puppy bouquet of color and patterns. They rarely look like their parents. They can look like a past brother or sister. The Most Important Trait to us is to be the total package of The Best companion schnauzer we can possibly put in your life.