Schnauzerland Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in a quaint little country village there lived a lady who had many, many little gray dogs, for she had a great love for these little dogs. She cared for them everyday and they loved her dearly.

Now these little dogs were called schnauzers. They were not show dogs, but very loving, sweet tempered furry members of her family. Just the right kind for happy, fun loving, busy families to enrich their lives.

This lady raised these schnauzers, cultivating and nurturing and choosing just the right combination she knew would be perfect for kids and cats, and little 90 year old grannies who were lonely and needed a furry friend of their own.

Years went by and puppies were born and born again and people started coming from miles around just see and meet her furry angels known as schnauzers. Everybody wanted them! Who wouldn't once they had met and touched them? Once you held one of those silky and furry, calm, deep dark sparkle-eyed creatures, you felt their inner peace, strength and spirit.  They soothed the soul! Their strength radiated out of them into the needful hearts of whoever held them.

Now this lady, she loved her schnauzers dearly! She saw daily more and more a growing need to place them in other people's lives. 

She loved them so much she wanted more and bigger schnauzers, so she looked and looked and searched and searched and finally found some special sweet giants. 

They looked menacing and sounded so too! But she knew deep inside them there was hidden, a special strength, happiness and peace that they needed to share. They too had a sweetness, a softness of heart and spirit and a quiet strength. She saw a sparkle in many a giant's eye. This special gleam she looked for.

So puppies were born and born again and soon there were 2 sizes to choose from. Little and big! Both with hearts of gold and love for people in their souls. So this lady told everyone, everyone who'd listen and a few who wouldn't. She talked of the intelligence and of the grace and of the spirit of the dogs. And many people came from miles around to see and meet her furry angels known as Giants. 

Now one strange day, this lady had a feeling in her heart of hearts that one of her schnauzers, actually a midget size puppy giant, needed to be taken away for a few days. She could not explain why she felt like that. 
Call it a premonition, call it a sign. So she told a friend "take her for a few days" and her friend did not heed the call and so the little giant puppy stayed home. Early the next morning a ghastly scene, that little giant puppy had been injured. To the doc they rushed, good ole' doc Gary in the next village. Now he was a good one and did what he could, but little Midge was hurt bad and it did not look good! Doc Gary even called in his ole' doc friend, Andy, for help and advice. Miraculously after lots of love and tender care from this lady and her good ole' doc Gary and doc Andy, little Midge made it, a little crooked, scarred and a little torn, but is there still well and happy and playing with the other angel schnauzers to this day! 
Now as I said before the lady loved her dogs dearly, but something had changed, could it possibly be she could love them even more? 
There was a connection that happened between this furry giant puppy Midge and herself and whose to say that it actually wasn't God connecting from Heaven above and planting an angel, a true Angel in "Schnauzerland" that day. 

From that moment on, through the tears and the pain and the laughing and the joy, the furry giant known as Midge was the lady's own guardian Angel.  She was very special and everyone who met this little furry giant Midge was so impressed by her presence, awed by her courage and inspired by her goodness.

The lady loved her angel & the angel loved her lady and the lady was totally overcome and changed by this love. Feeling healed in her heart by this angel and knowing how these little and big dogs have helped so many others including herself, through their gentleness, their funniness, strength and power, the lady thought and prayed and contemplated and wondered why could the giants not assist the helplessness, or aid the handicapped or bring a smile to the elderly. 

Why they could!!! They should!!! They will!!! 

So you see, this story continues on and hopefully is never-ending. Puppies are born and born again, but with a new purpose. Maybe a God-sent purpose. After all, these little and big furry schnauzer angels are a pet to some, a friend to some and a miracle to others.... And so the next chapter begins..................... 


My Angel Midge

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