Miniature Puppies

Miniature Puppies


Our available puppies‘ pictures are at 

bottom of page. 

We have 3 males still available. 

Salt and Pepper Parti - June 1

Salt and Pepper -June 8

Chocolate Pepper - June 8

These puppies will be ready to go to their new homes June 1 and June 8. 

Our next litter is expected Mid June 

Text us to see if we have the right puppy for you. 

Our average range in adult size is 12 to 15lbs more or less. These puppies will have the Schnauzerland temperament being very soft natured and easy going. They will enter your family easily and become great best friends to all. 

Our average puppy price is $900 and can go to $1200 on our smaller size puppies and colors we don’t have often.  A $200 deposit by invoice holds your puppy till ready to go. 

I expect our normal puppies to range in adult size from 14lbs to 16lbs more or less. Our smaller pups can range 8-11 lbs more or less. These puppies will have the Schnauzerland temperament being very soft natured and easy going. They will enter your family easily, no matter if one person or many members including other pets as well as older adults for a constant companion. 

Please text me at 423-202-1610 to find out more details about these beautiful babies.  

Please go to our terms and conditions page and read about protecting your new baby. We follow those rules here also. We protect our babies until they are personally handed to you wrapped in their baby blanket safe and healthy. 

Our Terms and Conditions Page

Custom and Giant Puppies


We are planning on a litter of Custom puppies hopfully by late spring or early sumer Of 2019.  

Please check back with us and watch for announcements of this great mid size schnauzer. We very excited to be having these again after many years.

We are not planning on any giant puppies for 2019. 

How to choose your Puppy


Once you choose a puppy you are interested in, we ask that you text us about that puppy and ask any questions you may have.

This is your first step to finding the right puppy for you. We do not show our puppies until after they are ready to leave. Most of our puppies are chosen from our listed puppies at about 2-4 weeks of age by contacting us and getting information about a puppy or puppies that you are interested in. 

Our puppies are not ready to leave until at least 8 weeks of age. Perhaps older depending on their mother and weaning. We do not hurry the weaning process. 

A deposit will hold your puppy till ready to leave which is a minimum of 8 weeks old. We do not try to wean them early. We believe that being with siblings playing and learning from their mother in the weaning process helps develop a better start in the transition of going to their forever home. 

We do not list them till about 10 days old. 

Sometimes possibly a little older.   

Please contact us by text, email or phone to learn progress of our puppies listed and not listed. Texting is the fastest way to reach me.

(423) 202-1610 

For more important information that may answer more of your questions please go to our Terms and Conditions Page.

(Terms and Conditions)

Please come back soon.